Wildlife Water Guzzler offers you a naturally maintained water guzzler that refills itself so you don't have to.  Our Guzzlers are durable enough to hold up the largest of bucks, yet light enough to be moved around at a moment's notice.  Installation takes only minutes, yet our Guzzlers offer a low-maintenance lifespan of over 20 years!

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Guzzler Features

  • Water Guzzlers provide an affordable way to satisfy Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) water requirements, and cost share eligibility
  • 20% grade, rough-surface drinking trough designed with the help of National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) biologists to allow watering of both large game (deer, antelope, and elk) and small game (pheasant, quail, rodents) by allowing small game to enter and escape the trough without becoming trapped and contaminating water supply
  • Non-corrosive fiberglass construction is lightweight, durable, and will never rust
  • Can easily be installed both above and below ground on a variety of terrains
  • Non-slip surface protects wildlife
  • Premium UV-inhibiting pigment protects tank exterior and surface
  • Just 1 inch of rain adds 35 gallons to 8' diameter reservoir, where it is locked away and saved for wildlife hydration



Click here for a movie describing the Water Guzzler's impressive ability to attract wildlife and then keep them on your property

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Sizes and Specs


Click here for a brochure containing information about sizes and specifications for our full line of Water Guzzler models